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Perpetuum devs talk design inspiration, post-launch plans

Jef Reahard

You've probably heard of Perpetuum Online, the new mech-based title from indie developer Avatar Creations. What you may not know is that the sprawling sandbox is the result of a tiny 10-man development team. In a new interview with the devs over at Game Reactor, we also learned that even though the UI and certain gameplay elements resemble EVE Online, most of the Avatar team never played CCP's famous MMORPG and instead looked to the real world for design inspiration.

"When designing the crafting system we looked at how humanity would react when faced with new and alien technology and built crafting around those core ideas. The idea of a complex sandbox single-server world might be very similar, but most of the Perpetuum team never played EVE," Avatar says.

The interview also drops a few interesting nuggets including player beta reactions, post-launch development plans, and a peek at the dev team's stance on equalizing veterans and newbs. "Newcomers in any well designed game won't have a chance against seasoned veterans," Avatar states. Check out the full interview at Game Reactor and don't forget that Perpetuum launches November 25th.

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