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Roy Halladay named MLB 2K11 cover athlete


Having tossed only the twentieth perfect game in baseball -- ever -- this past season and tacking on twenty more regular season wins, not to mention recording only the second no-hitter in post-season history (in his first post-season game), Phillies ace Roy Halladay has earned himself the cover spot on this spring's Major League Baseball 2K11 (no curse attached). 2K Sports bestowed the honor today, in advance of tomorrow's National League Cy Young Award announcement, which the publisher predicts will go to "Doc" as well.

"I'm honored to be on the cover of Major League Baseball 2K11," said the always-humble Halladay in 2K's announcement. "I'm not one for predictions, but should 2K Sports be right about tomorrow, well, that would be a great way to end the year." Certainly, it would be a better ending than the current one: watching teammate and former MLB 08 cover athlete, Ryan Howard, take strike three looking to seal shut a chance for the team's third-straight World Series appearance.

Or is that not how it played out in your 2K10 season?

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