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Samsung Galaxy 550 prepping for low-end Android duty on Virgin Mobile Canada

Chris Ziegler

Americans on Virgin Mobile, you're going to want to keep on keepin' on with your Intercepts -- but our friends to the north are on the verge of getting an apparently exclusive new Android device out of Sammy, it seems. The so-called Galaxy 550 appears to be the same phone that we knew as the Galaxy 5 previously, featuring Android 2.1, a 2 megapixel camera, and integrated Swype atop some manner of smallish display. Needless to say, Virgin's billing this as a low-end smartphone in every sense of the word, saying it's "sweetly priced to fit all budgets" and pairing it with a new $40 plan that'll include 300 anytime minutes, 100MB of data, unlimited local incoming calls, unlimited nights and weekends, and your choice of unlimited messaging or Voicemail 10 / Call Display. Look for it all to drop this coming Saturday, November 20th.

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