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The Daily Quest: There's no place like it

Anne Stickney

WoW Insider's on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.

Occasionally when I'm doing my trawl for Daily Quest material, I run into a series of posts about the same subject. These are called "shared topics" -- and they can be awfully entertaining. There's a website out there called Blog Azeroth that offers these shared topics every now and again to bloggers that feel up to the challenge; if you're a Warcraft blogger, I'd recommend checking it out.

The latest shared topic was particularly interesting: What does "home" in Azeroth mean to you? Here's a series of posts from around the blogosphere that address just that:

Is there a story out there we ought to link or a blog we should be following? Just leave us a comment, and you may see it here tomorrow! Be sure to check out our WoW Resources Guide for more WoW-related sites.

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