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Apple's exclusive digital rights to The Beatles extend into 2011


As you probably know, Apple has secured exclusive digital rights to The Beatles' catalog. But for how long? According to All Things Digital, the deal extends into 2011.

EMI Music spokesman Dylan Jones told All Things D that Apple's deal reaches into 2011 and beyond January 1st. He did confirm that the exclusivity will eventually end, but he didn't say when. For the time being, distributors like Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody and the Zune will just have to wait.

Writing for All Things D, Peter Kafka wonders if the band will renew the exclusivity deal or even walk away from digital entirely when it expires. The latter seems crazy to us. Paul, Ringo et al apparently got serious about digital when Rock Band: The Beatles came out. We're betting the group has joined the digital revolution for good.

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