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Final Fantasy XIV players get another free month of playtime

Eliot Lefebvre

More than a month ago, Square-Enix announced that players of Final Fantasy XIV would be receiving an extension to the free trial period of the game, citing that the game was not as polished as originally hoped and it was only fair not to bill for a cycle. It was a gesture of goodwill without much precedent, but most players should be very pleasantly surprised that the free trial is being extended once again. Another 30 days of free time are being granted to all players, up to and including those who had planned to cancel their billing once the free period wore off.

In addition to this announcement, the November version update is being given a tentative date of November 25th, just after the point when most free periods would have expired. This means that early adopters have received a grand total of 90 days of free playtime -- but any account with a character created through November 19th will receive the free trial extension as well. While the free time won't mollify ardent critics, Final Fantasy XIV's players can still enjoy the fact that they can play or not play the game for another month without worrying about subscriptions one way or the other.

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