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G-Star 2010: Bluehole shows off new TERA trailer

Jef Reahard

Lock up your kids, kids, as it's time for a new TERA trailer! Actually, you can let them out for this one, as it's less likely to offend the skimpy armor police than most of TERA's previously released footage. That's right, nearly everyone is fully clothed for the duration of the clip's two minutes and 37 seconds, though if you look hard enough there are a couple of cleavage shots, so don't say we didn't warn you.

In other news, the trailer itself looks to be a mixture of gameplay and CGI, and it shows one heart-pounding action scene after another, along with some idyllic shots of gorgeous scenery, players and NPCs milling about, and even a touchscreen device (nope, we're not kidding).

Check out the goods after the break, and stay tuned to Massively all week for the latest TERA and G-Star 2010 coverage.

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