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Super Meat Boy PC launch joined by headcrabs, goo


Super Meat Boy will land with a squelch on PC on November 30. Pre-orders will open on November 23 for $10, after which the game will launch for $15. Early buyers should have enough money left over to pick up a pound of prime ground chuck at the market for burgers.

If you buy Super Meat Boy through Valve's Steam service, you'll receive Half-Life's hideous (but sort of adorable) headcrab as a playable character. All non-Steam purchases on PC and Mac will receive a Goo from World of Goo. Either character will replace Gish as the first unlockable (via bandage collection) bonus character. As for which version to purchase, Team Meat is apparently very fond of Valve's digital distribution service, saying, "We LOVE lot. MS is the hot chick you hook up with, Steam is the girl you spend your life with." We wonder where WiiWare must sit on that spectrum after those development challenges?

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