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Ubisoft stock experiences 'biggest drop' in over a decade


Yesterday's quarterly review did not win over many investors. Ubisoft's share prices fell 22 percent, which Bloomberg calls the company's biggest drop "since at least 1996." Apparently, people did not respond positively to the company losing millions of dollars. In fact, a number of analysts have downgraded the stock, such as Deutsche Bank's move from "buy" to "hold."

The tumultuous fall of Ubisoft's stock price may provide some opportunity for other investors, though. Michael Pachter offered a more favorable analysis of the company's upcoming portfolio, telling Gamasutra that "Ubisoft has the potential to deliver much higher revenue and EPS going forward as it focuses on AAA-quality franchise games with a history of success (emphasis ours)." For better and for worse, that means Ubisoft needs to focus more on games like Assassin's Creed, and less on games like Beyond Good & Evil if it plans to woo investors back.

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