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Angry Birds sequel will reveal pigs' point of view


Just when you thought that the frenzy over the popular iOS game Angry Birds had finally reached its peak, now comes word from the Virtual Goods Summit that the game's publisher plans on turning the franchise into an empire.

Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka dropped the eggs spilled the beans yesterday when he mentioned that the game is going to be available on all major gaming platforms soon, not just on mobile devices. But the comment that got the most attention was that the Angry Birds sequel is in development and it won't focus solely on the irate avians.

No, the sequel story line will be told from the point of view of the pigs, who have been the victims of the vicious attacks by the birds in Part One of this tale. Vesterbacka also confirmed that a movie and TV show are apparently in the works, and that most of Rovio's investment at the present time is going into a Facebook game. It won't be Angry Birds, but will take place in the same world as the ultra-popular game.

Rovio is also working on a multiplayer version of Angry Birds, all part of Vesterbacka's plans for "Angry Birds to be bigger than Tetris."

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