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Dragon's Lair now awkwardly leaping to PSN

Well, that's it then. That's everything, right? Like, Dragon's Lair is on every single technology platform known to man except for the PlayStation Network? And now, this oversight will be corrected, according to a trailer (which you can watch after the jump) that appeared in the latest PlayStation Store update. Yes, Don Bluth's almost-30-year-old animated classic will arrive on the PSN in that crisp, crisp 1080p resolution -- though no pricing or release date information has been revealed.

You know, come to think of it, Dragon's Lair's isn't on Xbox Live Arcade, either. So, it's got to show up there eventually, and then, of course, there's our Oral-B electric toothbrush ... and then ... well, we can all probably just keep on living our lives at that point.

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