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Hoard patch to include text fixes and free map, DLC on the way


Big Sandwich Games already promised us a patch was coming to fix Hoard's text size issue, but over on the official site, it's revealed even more goodies coming in the same update. In addition to the text size fix, there will be a new option to restart the game both on the pause menu and the game over screen, allowing players to more quickly replay a map rather than having to go back through the options. There will also be a persistent multiplayer lobby (so you won't have to invite friends after every match), and there's a brand new Hoard mode map included in the patch for free.

Big Sandwich also promises that DLC is forthcoming, but we don't get much more than a hint as to what it might be, or when either it or the patch might be out. Hoard is a good game hidden in an unfortunate UI (as we said in the review) and these fixes will definitely make some of the frustrations a little easier to deal with.

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