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G-Star 2010: TERA G-Star reveals outlined

Jef Reahard

Curious about the TERA-centric G-Star revelations the week has in store? We are too, and even though we've got Editor-in-Chief Shawn Schuster as our man in Korea, we're still combing the intarwebs for the very latest about the fantasy title from Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment.

En Masse has provided a helpful scorecard for the G-Star event in the form of a forum post that outlines what fans can expect to learn over the course of the convention. Bluehole representatives will be revealing information about the game's skill system, equipment system, PvP mechanics, guild systems, and the mysterious political system. Check out all the details at the official TERA website, and also have a look at the various translations available via TERAfans.

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