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What is it like to work at Apple?


Ever wondered what it's like to work at Apple? AOL Jobs spoke to Joe Moreno, a software engineer who worked at Apple from 1998 to 2007. Joe touched numerous products and projects, notably WebObjects and the Apple Online Store (No, he wasn't the guy who puts the yellow sticky note up when new products arrive). His accounts of Apple make it sound like working there is almost as innovative as their products. From HR to communications, there's a lot other companies could learn from.

As TUAW is a blog about Apple, I found the following quite interesting:
"As an Apple employee, you definitely get the feeling that blogging about the company is frowned upon. It goes to the extent that, if you have a personal blog about an unrelated topic, you don't even want to mention that you work for Apple."

There are very few company blogs, even with notable exceptions such as Surfin' Safari, their WebKit blog. Still, this is in contrast to Microsoft, where there are numerous blogs by product divisions and personnel. Then again, it's been a long time since Microsoft routinely surprised and delighted their customers and fans, so perhaps Apple is on to something.

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