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Boot Camp, MacBook firmware updates appear in Software Update


After the excitement of the Safari 5.0.3 update this morning, Apple quietly slipped in a few more updates this afternoon.

Boot Camp Software Update 3.2 for Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit both provide support for the ATI-Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, the Apple USB Ethernet adapter, and the MacBook Air SuperDrive, as well as "addressing critical bug fixes."

Don't be fooled by the post date of "January 18, 2010" -- the previous update came out on January 19, 2010, so it appears that someone forgot to change the month while posting the Knowledge Base article.

There are also a couple of firmware updates that have been delivered. The MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.0 "resolves an issue where an attached external display may occasionally incorrectly show a purple coloration" and is recommended for the 13-inch, Mid 2010 MacBook Pro.

The Mid 2010 MacBook also had the same issue, and there's the MacBook EFI Firmware Update 2.0 to resolve that problem.

[via The Mac Observer]

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