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Costume Quest dons DLC this December with 'Grubbins on Ice'


Double Fine's earnest candy collection adventure, Costume Quest, is set to receive a new downloadable add-on in December for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Gamespot has the first word on "Grubbins on Ice," which sees the soon-to-be-rotund rascals entering Repugia, the snow-dusted realm of the Grubbins. Though the turn-based combat remains the same, Grubbins on Ice will introduce new costumes and patterns, along with several enhancements for the original game.

An accompanying patch will address Costume Quest's save system (you'll now be able to save at phone posts within the neighborhood) and allow you to pause during cutscenes. Grubbins on Ice will also adjust the speed of the dialogue textsoyoucanfinishreadi-

We'll let you know as we hear an exact release date and price.

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