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G-Star 2010: Vindictus wins big for Nexon

Eliot Lefebvre

Vindictus has hacked its way into the hearts of many players, with its can-do attitude and liberal stance on how many decapitations make your actions morally justified. Apparently, the players aren't the only ones in love with the game, as it has managed to walk away from the G-Star 2010 convention with so many awards that the development team can build a house. The 2010 Korean Game Awards taking place on the show floor awarded Nexon's game the grand prize as well as six other awards for excellence.

The win was a first for Nexon, and it was followed by a half-dozen other awards including the Popular Game Award (in the Online Game category) and all four technical creation categories (Game Planning/Scenario, Game Graphics, Game Character, and Game Sound). CEO Seo Min thanked the organizers for the honors as well as Vindictus players for making the game such a success. Free-to-play games have come a long way as a whole, but if the bevy of awards is any indication, Vindictus is a cut above the rest.

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