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OnLive MicroConsole available for pre-order, launches Dec. 2 for $99


First shown at E3 2009, the OnLive MicroConsole -- the "cloud gaming" company's pocket-sized means of streaming games to HDTVs -- is finally in production and will begin shipping on December 2 directly from OnLive. Pre-orders are being taken via its site as of ... right now. $99 gets you the MicroConsole, one wireless controller and a voucher redeemable for one free game from the service's library.

The first major advertising push for OnLive is going to hit the airwaves in the run-up to the early December launch. Company CEO Steve Perlman told Joystiq during a recent Q&A -- the highlights of which we'll be posting later today -- that the console will be available exclusively from OnLive's site until sometime next year and is, for now, offered in "limited quantities."

We have a review of the hardware coming right up.

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