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The art of destroyed Apple products


We've featured way too many photos and videos of people destroying Apple products in unique ways. Now, a collaboration between Michael Tompert and photographer Paul Fairchild features iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks "artfully" destroyed in different ways on a stark white background. Yes, they're still trashing a lot of beautiful Apple equipment, but they're doing it for art. That makes it OK, I suppose.

The trashed devices were photographed with a large format camera. Some of the "blood spatter" marks appear to have been added later, as they are exactly the same on both sides of the dead device. My personal favorite? The Apple Magic Mouse seen here that appears to have cut with a band saw no less than 11 times.

There are several close up photos of components in the wreckage. One particularly striking photo of an iPad screen still shows a partial image of the virtual keyboard hidden behind a tracery of cracks that are reminiscent of tree branches.

Fairchild's website shows a complete gallery of iPhone photos; not the type where he's shooting an iPhone and taking a picture of it, but photos that were actually taken with an iPhone.

[via BoingBoing]

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