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The Daily Grind: What games are you shocked to find still running?

Eliot Lefebvre

When Alganon soft-launched nearly a year ago -- no, really -- many people suspected that it wouldn't make it halfway through the next year. As it turns out, the game is still running and has just recently received a fairly major update, a far cry from dead. The same cannot be said of All Points Bulletin, and if you look at both games, the fact that Alganon is still running and updating might be almost incomprehensible.

You might have tried the game once and found it lackluster; you might have just seen early videos and assumed the game was dead in the water. But sometimes you look back and find that the game you wrote off as a definite failure is still going after all, and you just stopped hearing about it at some point. What games are you surprised to find still running? Were they games with rough launches, or ones that just dropped off your radar for a while?

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