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TUAW's Holiday Gift Guide: Toys for the Apple fan


Welcome to the TUAW Holiday Gift Guide! We've sorted the treasure from the junk and are serving up suggestions to make your holiday gift-giving a little easier.

In the 1989 Batman movie, Jack Nicholson wonders, as the Joker, "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" You can spawn the same kind of envy in your friends (and arch super villains) with some of these goodies. We found a little something for everyone, so grab your shopping list and credit card.

For the young Apple fan

MyPhones (US$39.99)

My daughter has been begging for an iPod recently. I'm hesitant to give her one for a number of reasons (she's young and excels at losing/breaking things), chief among them is her hearing. Most kids imagine themselves to be invincible, and will crank the volume to bone-rattling levels if they can. Yes, you can set the maximum volume on and iPod, but you can also use these. MyPhones offer "A safer way to listen" by keeping the noise to a maximum of 85db. That's somewhere between a car's engine (around 70db) and a gas lawn mower (about 105db). Plus they come with several cute covers sure to please the most discerning tot.

The Seat Buddy ($20.00)

Don't go out and spend upwards of one hundred bucks for an in-car DVD player. Just grab a Seat Buddy for your iPhone or iPod touch. This ingenious little contraption accommodates the device perfectly and attaches to the car seat with no strap to adjust, clips to fiddle with or other adult-proof doohickey that makes road trips even more annoying. But it's not just for kids. Use it in a plane, on the treadmill or anywhere else you need a little hands-free distraction (there's a solution for iPad, too).


Think Different Posters ($400)

Yes, this one is pricey but these are the hard-to-find posters created to coincide with Apple's legendary campaign. Originally meant for schools, they've become very popular collectors items. Red Light Runner has an oft-changing supply, check back often to find that special one (I'd like a Jim Henson myself).

Apple Lisa Lapel Pin ($150)

This little beauty was distributed with the original Lisa development kit in the 1980's. A rare and appealing collectible.

For the office

USB Mini Fridge ($32)

I'll admit it: I have one of these. My wife gave it to me last Christmas and I laughed out loud. Now she's laughing as it's still on my desk, connected to my iMac. It will hold one can of soda at a time. Best of all, it also keeps things warm! Pop in that can of soup or cup of coffee.

Twistits Cable Organizer ($8.99)

It's not the most glamourous gift ever but oh, so useful. Tame the rat's nest of cables that's hanging from your desk with these simple twist-ties. While you're at it, why not label them down at the power strip so you needn't play "What Am I Unplugging Now?" when you need to free up a slot.

Fun Stuff

Ollie Figure ($19.95)

Ollie, the official mascot of Twitterrific (and official unofficial logo of Twitter, much to the Iconfctory's chagrin) is now available as a vinyl toy. He'll happily sit on your desk and monitor your tweets.

T-shirts (prices vary)

Take your pick here. Apple-themed T-shirts are easy to find, from the funny to the pricey to the app-specific.

Handmade (prices vary)

Etsy is a wonderful place for finding unique and often hand-made gifts for the Apple fan. This cassette tape iPhone skin($9.99) is pretty cool, as is this "bacon and eggs" iPad sleeve ($59). Of course there are lots of MacBook decals.

iBook Clock ($69)

This great wall clock was made from a salvaged 13" iBook G4. The mouse pendulum is a nice touch, we think.

There you have it, several fun ideas for the Apple fan who loves his/her toys. Happy shopping.

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