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Final Fantasy XIV improving skill gains

Eliot Lefebvre

Leveling up is an important part of any MMO, but the task is a bit more difficult in Final Fantasy XIV than it needs to be due to the system of skill point gains. As it currently stands, the random nature of point gains can make leveling very productive or completely pointless, since killing an enemy is no guarantee of skill points. It's a problem, one that Square-Enix is addressing along with a host of others in the November version update. Skill points needed for leveling from 11 to 31 will be reduced, and skill point gains will now come after the battle alongside experience points, making gains a reliable and steady reward instead of the current random system.

The newest update preview also outlines some of the ability adjustments due for the large update, all of which are universal buffs for class abilities such as Life Surge for Lancers and Sacrifice for Thaumaturges. A mini-FAQ has also been added to clarify some of the finer points of the previous update previews -- the added storage space in the update will be an automatic addition, enemy spawns will be increased by roughly 50%, and the habit of aldgoats and dodos to stare into your soul may be addressed in the future. Whether or not you're satisfied with Final Fantasy XIV in its current state, both of the previews paint a brighter picture for the future.

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