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Name two of Slam Bolt Scrappers' scrappers in Child's Play auctions

Without the help of special potions, unguents or spells, immortality is a pretty tricky thing to obtain. Fire Hose Games is offering a pretty rare opportunity to have your genius brain live forever: The studio is auctioning off the chance to name one of the characters in its upcoming downloadable tower defense/action title Slam Bolt Scrappers, one-hundred percent of the proceeds from which will go to Child's Play. A second character's naming rights will be sold off during the Child's Play Charity Dinner in Seattle on December 7 -- tickets for which are still available!

There are some limitations, of course. You can't name the characters anything inappropriate, copyright-infringing or too long, so, sorry, Boner MacBurgerKing, but you'll never be a real person. Not ever.

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