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R.U.S.E. getting free nuke-themed DLC pack


Sad news for R.U.S.E. fans, as Ubisoft has announced it won't be doing any DLC for the game at all. Just kidding! That was, in fact, a ruse -- Ubisoft is releasing a "Manhattan Project Pack" for the real-time strategy title that will add two 2v2 maps, another 3v3 map and two different brand new modes. "Total War" mode will unlock units and technology one year at a time, building up battle starting in the year 1939, and "Nuclear War" sounds much more fun, starting the game with "all prototypes, factories and upgrades" unlocked and ready to unleash on the enemy.

The pack will cost you a cool $50, almost as much as the actual game. No, that was another ruse, it'll be completely free. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait about 15 years for it, as the pack isn't due out until holiday 2025. No, just kidding again, it'll actually be out soon. We ruse-d you again! Are we doing this right?

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