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Red Dead Redemption soundtrack now available on 'blazing red' vinyl

Your record collection is looking a little ... rough around the edges. Don't get us wrong, we think it's great that someone out there owns the soundtrack to Men in Black on vinyl, and also, oh, is that Spin Doctors' "Homebelly Groove Live?" Nice. That's a ... classic. And wow! That's a lot of Michael Bolton. Listen, this is an intervention: You need to class up your act, which you might be able to do with the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack ... now on vinyl!

The "blazing red" record is available from the "Rockstar Warehouse" for $15 and features all the music from the game, including Jose Gonzalez's haunting mid-game tune, "Far Away." That's a track that's just begging to be mashed-up by a solid DJ ... or just any old DJ, really.

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