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Saturday Livestream: City of Heroes' mission architect [Updated!]


Are you a City of Heroes fan or former fan? Are you curious about the state of the classic superhero MMO, its player-created content, or its combat mechanics? Massively's got just the thing for you, and you won't even need to leave your browser to check it out.

On Saturday, November 20th, at 3 p.m. EST (noon PST), Massively will be hosting a livestream of City of Heroes designed to tour a slice of the Architect Entertainment system and test the effects of particle-effects overload on your retinas. Massively's City of Heroes columnist Eliot Lefebvre and I will be joined by Balázs Kiss, better known to fans as @Zaphir, the winner of Dr. Aeon's most recent Architect Challenge. Along with a few plucky guildies who'll round out our group, we'll be playing through @Zaphir's Who Dares Wins arc (#454805), chatting about the arc and the game, and answering your questions.

Just super-jump your way over to Massively TV on Saturday to join us for the fun! And if you've got a favorite arc of your own, remember to mail it off to Eliot for possible inclusion in an upcoming article. See you there!

[Edit: Thanks for coming out, everyone! The livestream is over, but it's available on Massively TV and just after the cut! Look for more CoH AE goodies in Eliot's column!]

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