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This week on The MMO Report

This week on The MMO Report, Casey takes us on a free-for-all ride through the MMOGverse, scratches an itch in Uncle Casey's Mailbag, and shares a timely lesson just before World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launches. Listen and learn, for lo, there is wisdom to be had on this mythical (and not-so-mythical) topic.

This episode starts off with a look at All Points Bulletin, which has been pulled back from the grave by GamersFirst, and hopefully will get more of the features it was supposed to actually have when it launched. Moving on from there, Casey touches on the recent opening of Ministry of War as a browser-based MMORTS. Some of the staff here dig it, being a bunch of Civ fiends. Mind you, if we start seeing boob-infested flash ads for the game popping up everywhere, we're going to deny ever hearing its name.

In other snark news, Casey takes a look at the continuing saga of the Final Fantasy XIV free trial, which is being extended yet again in an attempt to keep fans happy. Looks like Square-Enix will have a title out for the holidays* -- which might be when this one actually becomes fully playable. Finally, the last bit of news wraps up with a mention of DC Universe Online's new trailer showing off a police station which is strangely devoid of donuts. Guess glazed pastries just don't mix with skin-tight spandex.

You can find this week's episode behind the cut and of course every week at G4TV.

* Note: 'Holiday' is used here to refer to any/all holidays in a given calendar year. Could be Christmas, could be Arbor Day. Who knows?

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