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Time Warner rolls out barebones TV package with no ESPN, no HD, no reason to live


We're still not sure how real of a thing cord cutting is but times must be tough for Time Warner to try this new move, establishing a new lineup called "TV Essentials" that cuts out channels most would consider staples, like ESPN, TNT and more. Under this package, customers can't get bundled internet and phone service, HD channels or DVRs either, all for a promotional 12-month rate of $29.95 or $39.95 per month, depending on the area, with a regular rate of $49.95. We're not sure if that's even close to being cheap enough for cutting out pretty much all of the reasons anyone has cable TV, but it is an interesting strategy from a company that just started offering new ESPN features like live streaming to PCs and tablets. Hey, we've got to have our Redzone Channel and all the extras, but is there really a contingent out there that wants pay TV, but not possibly too-high priced channels like the ESPN package?

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