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Better storage en route to Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

Inventory space is at a premium in Final Fantasy XI and always has been. When you first start playing, the bag space you have seems like a reasonable amount, but after a couple of hours of play you wind up with both an inventory and a Mog Safe stuffed to the brink. The December version update promises to bring the latest options for players to store items, however, allowing players access to two new item-storage methods -- the Mog Sack and the brand-new Porter Moogles scattered across the world.

The Mog Sack is a cousin to the Mog Satchel, but where the latter requires the purchase of an authenticator linked to the player's account, the sack simply requires a quick purchase of just under 10,000 gil. It allows access to stored items from anywhere, and it expands concurrent with a character's normal inventory space, thus allowing players a maximum of 80 extra storage spots. Porter Moogles, meanwhile, will allow players to store high-end items in a manner similar to the event armor storage already in place. Take a look at the full preview for moogle locations, and get ready to kiss your Final Fantasy XI storage woes goodbye... for a couple of hours, anyway.

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