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Tron: Evolution dev diary demos persistent progression, Move support

We've had like, one dream our entire lives, and that dream is to drive a real-life light cycle. Is that too much to ask? Tron: Evolution says "No, of course not," as the game's latest dev diary reveals that the PlayStation Move controller pretty much allows you to simulate that experience as well as you can in this, the year of our lord 2010. Unless, of course, some technology manufacturer is holding out on us. We're watching you, Hitachi.

The dev diary also shows off the game's character progression system, which remains persistent between single-player and multiplayer modes, and talks a bit about the PS3 version of the game's 3D display support. We're not sure our eyes can handle all those vivid colors presented in such an in-your-face manner. They're delicate, you know?

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