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Lenovo IdeaPad U260 hands-on

Joanna Stern

The best looking Lenovo IdeaPad ever? Yep, that'd be the U260. Not since the IdeaPad U110 has Lenovo's consumer line been home to a really striking laptop, but the U260's leather-like palmrest, magnesium-aluminum alloy lid and bottom cover change all that. We got a chance to check out the new 12.5-inch laptop a few days ago, and came away seriously impressed with not only its contrasting black and brown aesthetic but its build quality. The entire .7-inch thick frame feels solid and the curved keys, which are similar to those on the U160, are especially delightful. Unfortunately, the model we got to see didn't have the glass trackpad that we've heard about, but our review unit should be here sometime soon. Until we get to put the system's Core i3-380UM processor and 4GB of RAM to the test, hit the gallery below for a few hands-on pictures of it and some crazy platinum, diamond-encrusted U160 that Lenovo brought along.

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