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iWork suite gains iOS 4.2 support on iPad

Michael Gray

The iWork productivity suite for iPad is receiving significant upgrades to coincide with the release of iOS 4.2, Macworld reports. Most significantly, the three iWork tools (Numbers, Keynotes, and Pages) will support multitasking on the iPad.

Multitasking in 4.2 will already be familiar to many iPhone users. When you switch away from one of the iWork applications, the iPad will save the state of your work in iWork. When you come back to that application later, you'll be able to resume right where you left off.

iWork has many other updates. The Tools menus have been simplified and now support AirPrint. PDFs should be more reliable when created in iWork, fixing a font compatibility issue. Keynote now supports more presenter-display functionality, allowing a presenter to see notes and slide information on their iPad without that view also being sent to the presentation projector. Keynote should also be more reliable when importing from PowerPoint and Keynote '09.

Numbers is updated to allow you to preview how your spreadsheet will print when using multiple pages, but now it also includes an AutoFit function. There are many usability upgrades to Numbers and Pages which add up to really making the iWork apps a much more functional productivity suite.

These iWork updates should be available today (November 22), coinciding with the release of iOS 4.2.

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