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Natural Selection 2 developer details its to-do list

Justin McElroy

Though many of you seemed glad to see indie FPS/RTS Natural Selection 2 getting some attention from Joystiq last week, a lot of you that were already playing expressed frustration with the current state of the game. Developer Unknown Worlds recently used its official site to explain the game's current state and what the future looks like.

In short, we're talking about a relatively tiny developer, who acknowledges this is a true beta, with far less polish than those from Blizzard or Bungie like you may be used to. That said, the team is focusing on fixing server crashes, connection problems, frame rate slowdown and a few other problems, all of which are detailed right here.

We're sure it's frustrating right now, but think about what a badge of honor it'll be to have been into Natural Selection 2 before it actually worked.

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