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Kinect support coming to XNA 'in the future'


Good news: Microsoft has plans to offer Kinect development tools to XNA developers. Confirmation comes via Xbox director of incubation Alex Kipman, who said during an interview on Talk of the Nation that, while there's no current Kinect functionality in XNA, it's something Microsoft "will support in the future." Honestly, we're thrilled -- haven't you seen some of the awesome stuff people are coming up with ... without the proper toolset?

The Talk of the Nation episode on which Kipman appeared focused on Xbox 360's new camera peripheral, which Microsoft is pleased to see developers tinkering around with ... to a degree. Hacking the device, which Microsoft classifies as someone accessing "algorithms on the side of the Xbox" for ill-use, or someone exploiting Kinect in a cheating manner is not tolerated. Creating a driver that might "open the USB connection" or one that "reads the inputs from the sensor," on the other hand, are uses that are totally cool by Microsoft.

Microsoft offered no timetable for when Kinect support would come to XNA, so in the meantime, keep those "good" hacks coming!

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