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Final Fantasy XI gets an Abyssean trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

The highly anticipated December version update for Final Fantasy XI looks to be going live on December 6th. That's not quite certain yet, but considering that the newest update to the Heroes of Abyssea site lists that as the activation date, it's reasonable to assume the game's next major patch will be going live then. It also comes with a trailer showing off the new monsters listed under the bestiary, as well as the landscape for players to explore.

Orthrus, Alfard, and Khrysokhimaira are the three headlining notorious monsters for the add-on, with the trailer giving some sense of just how large the monsters are in comparison with players. Combined with the extant previews of the completed Empyrean Armor sets and the option to pre-purchase the mini-expansion, Final Fantasy XI players will have plenty to whet their appetites until the forecasted release date in a little less than two weeks' time.

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