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OnLive 'Founding Members' who bought two games receiving free MicroConsole


OnLive still has a public perception hill to climb, but the company is rewarding its Founding Members, the people who took the risk on the cloud gaming service, with some goodies.

In a post today on the service's blog, CEO Steve Perlman wrote that those who bought a PlayPass for one game will receive a promo code for another game, up to $50. Everyone who purchased two games will receive a voucher for a free OnLive MicroConsole. This includes "rental" PlayPasses as well, not just the unlimited "Full PlayPasses," as long as they were purchased before midnight last night. The first batch of MicroConsoles ship out on December 2 and Founding Member pre-orders will move to the front of the line for delivery.

The company's service has certainly impressed us, and with its future plans, along with the introduction of some flat-rate gaming, the whole cloud-centric concept is starting to seem decidedly solid.

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