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Racing Green Endurance team completes its 16,000 mile, electric Pan-American trip (video)

Tim Stevens

Hey, remember the crazy Imperial College kids in the Racing Green Endurance team, the ones who took a perfectly wonderful Radical racer and stripped it of its internal-combustion assets, flew it to Alaska, and then pledged to drive it all the way down the Pan-American Highway? Well, they made it. 26,000km later (that's 16,155 miles) the team has reached Ushuaia, Argentina, at the southern tip of South America and a long, long way from Anchorage. Traveling an average of 300km (186 miles) per day the team conquered desert, jungle, and torrential rain storms, conditions the purely electric and decidedly track-focused machine certainly wasn't meant for, but proving that an EV can be driven way beyond its maximum range -- if you don't mind taking nearly six months to do it.

[Thanks, Amanda]

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