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Famitsu previews upcoming additions to Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

Discussion about Final Fantasy XIV of late has centered around the coming November version update, currently slated for today. But there's more coming beyond simply a host of UI fixes and system improvements, some of which have been previewed by Famitsu recently. The translation crew at FFXIVCore has put together a gallery of images as well as small descriptions of what's coming for the game, albeit without much contextual information about when these additions can be expected.

The new retainer outfits are a cosmetic addition that's welcome without being overwhelming, but the previews of monsters show off familiar foes from the series as a whole, familiar faces from Final Fantasy XI, and new enemies to fight. And the weapon preview seems to hint at some of the equipment players can look forward to from the notorious monsters slated for implementation before the end of the year. Final Fantasy XIV players are encouraged to take a look at the preview -- and possibly put some time aside for play today.

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