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Kung-Fu Live punches into the US on December 7


Tired of kicking various random things (the trashcan, pieces of furniture, garden gnomes) around your house? Waiting for the day when all that kicking can finally be put to use winning a game? You don't have to wait much longer -- Sony has announced that Kung-Fu Live will available in the US on December 7, so, in a bit less than two weeks from now, you'll be able to drop your real-life limbs on some virtual baddies.

There's also a new trailer, embedded after the break for your convenience. Sony recommends that you empty out about seven by nine feet of space to stand in front of the PlayStation Eye camera and do all your moving around, so it looks like you might be able to put those furniture-kickin' skills to use early after all. Hi-ya! Oh geez, sorry kitty, didn't see you there.

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