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One Shots: Mine!

You know what we're thankful for? We're always thankful to see new, independent MMO games entering the market like Perpetuum! They generally take interesting chances and try out various new things, which in turn gives us great One Shots to check out. Today's example from Perpetuum is a great case in point. While this may look like a fierce, fiery flower against a rocky cliff at first glance, the actual story of what's going on here is much more interesting. Embolism, submitter of today's screenshot, tells us a bit about what this is: "A few nights ago our corporation, Gallowglass, figured out how to make some new toys. We also had the need for a few million tons of raw material. Given our current need for little toy robots that blow stuff up, we all got together as a corporation to strip the land of its precious resources."

The other thing we're always thankful for is more screenshots in our One Shots email box! If you'd like to give us a reason to be thankful to you in particular, you can send in a cool screenshot from your MMO travels. Email it to us at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. Guild, corp, group, server, or anything else of that nature is welcome as well. Yours could be the next one we feature here on Massively!

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