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Report: Sony looking for a new president, Hirai being considered

According to Bloomberg, Sony Corp. is looking for a new heir apparent for its consumer electronics kingdom, and a familiar name is in the running. According to inside sources cited by the report, Sony is hoping to install a president to lighten the work load of (and eventually replace) acting CEO Howard Stringer; one of the names on the rumored short list is Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Kazuo Hirai. A Sony representative refused to comment on the story, but Stringer has stated his intent to stay on as CEO until March 2013.

According to the report, another potential replacement is current executive deputy president Hiroshi Yoshioka -- but we hope that if Sony does have to decide between these two parties, they take all the important factors into consideration. You know, factors like "which of these two guys does Joystiq have more memes prepared for?" Using that metric, the choice is crystal clear.

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