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Intel research projects bring Legos to life, make groceries interactive


Kinect hacks aren't the only projects using depth cameras these days, Intel's Seattle research lab has also been working on a whole range of projects using what it describes "Kinect style" cameras, and it's now showing off some of the results. Among the most interesting are a pair of projects that combine a depth camera with a projector for some rather inventive augmented reality applications. One of those examples can effectively bring Legos to life (as pictured above), while the other adds a whole new degree of interactivity to everyday objects, namely groceries -- which could let you manage a grocery list using actual fruits and vegetables, for instance, or even warn when you've left a tub of ice cream sitting on the counter too long. That's just scratching the surface, though -- the group has also devised a system that can map a room just by walking around with a depth camera, which can then of course be navigated using the very same depth camera and a pair of 3D goggles. Head on past the break for a couple of videos, and hit up the source link below for the rest.

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