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'Murder Your Maker' teaser site hints at VGA reveal

Earlier this week, a mysterious Spike VGA 2010 site asked its visitors to consider the secret meanings of two mysterious and secret phrases: "MURDER" and "LOOK CLOSER." Today, a new teaser site offers a few more clues. The page, titled "Murder Your Maker," features the image seen above: A bald man, staring at a wall covered in maps, newspaper clippings and delicious strands of black licorice. Or, wait. String. Yeah, that's definitely string.

The "Murder Your Maker" tagline has led some theorists to believe we're looking at a teaser for a sequel to last year's super violent, open-world title, Prototype. Alex Mercer certainly has some daddy issues, but our money is on that new God of War game, where Kratos is literally tasked with killing God.

Oh, Activision runs the website? Well, in that case ... does "Bloodhunt" sound about right?

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