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NoMute reclaims iPad orientation lock in iOS 4.2, but only if you jailbreak

Darren Murph

If you've yet to upgrade your iPad to iOS 4.2.1, and you're head-over-heels with your orientation lock, you've got two options: upgrade and lose that functionality altogether, or upgrade / jailbreak and get it back. Naturally, we'd recommend the latter. In what can only be described as "so typically Apple," the software engineers at Cupertino figured that they'd convert the perfectly acceptable orientation lock switch into a mute switch. We lamented this fact in our review of the update, but rather than Apple creating (non-fiddly) alternatives within its software, we're left to look for a solution in the jailbreaker's app store. NoMute has just emerged under the BigBoss repository in Cydia, promising to reclaim the switch you've already become accustomed to using. It's available now for absolutely nothing, but users are encouraged to cast a wicked glare in Steve's direction as the download ensues.

Update: After installing the tweak and doing our own testing, we came one minor issue. Some apps decided to mute when the physical orientation (er, mute) switch is flicked on. So, when we played Angry Birds and physically locked the orientation, we lost sound. However, the sound remained when we locked our screen and tested videos on YouTube via Safari.

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