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iPhone photographers, get your Glif on with new tripod mount


It's a local-boys-make-good story for the Internet age: two New Yorkers brainstorm an idea for the kind of iPhone 4 tripod mount/stand they'd want to buy. They put their design on Kickstarter with the intention of raising US$10,000 in ramp-up funding. With a snazzy prototype video and the attention of some traditional and not-so-traditional media outlets, they missed their funding estimate by more than 10x -- in the positive direction.

Having collected almost $140,000 in preproduction pledges, the gobsmacked inventors have now moved on to full-scale production and are accepting orders for the final product on their website.

You can pick one up for $20, and although they aren't promising holiday delivery they say they're doing everything possible to get the Glifs out the door in time to slide under the tree (with priority to their 5,000+ Kickstarter contributors, of course).

[Commenter Ben points out that his company has a cheaper alternative to the Glif, called the Grippit.]

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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