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Pockito wearable camcorder: endorsed by a knockoff Miley Cyrus and Joe McCreep

Darren Murph

Hard to say where exactly iRes Technology found this guy on the right (Fake Miley clearly came from a nondescript party in the You Es Aye), but chances are he was sourced from same pool of megalomaniacs that MSI dipped into earlier this year. If you'll recall, iRes popped out its first wearable camcorder in July of last year, and the new edition is smaller, more capable and endorsed by voyeurs worldwide. The IRDC260 uCorder Pockito (2.5- x 1- x 0.5-inches) -- which is available in black / red colors -- is capable of being clipped onto just about anything; from there, it can log footage at 740 x 480 (30fps) onto a microSD card (2GB included). It syncs up with your PC via USB, and it can also double as a webcam should you need it to. Both hues are up for order right now at $99.99, and if you look even remotely like either of the individuals above, there's obviously nothing we can do or say to stop you from fulfilling your destiny.

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