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Kinect sells 26,000 in Japanese launch weekend

Kinect had what most people would call a successful launch, moving over one million units worldwide during its first week on store shelves; however, the device wasn't met with quite as warm a reception in Japan. According to Media Create, Microsoft's new all-seeing eye had a "quiet start" in the region, moving just 26,000 units during its launch weekend of November 20 -- that includes both standalone and 360-bundled Kinects.

Also troubling is that no Kinect games made it onto Media Create's Top 20 software sales chart. The highest-selling launch title was DanceMasters, which managed to sell 6,000 copies. On the other hand, four PlayStation Move launch titles made it onto the Top 20 during the controller's launch week, with a combined total of 50,000 copies sold. There's a lot of factors at play, here -- the data coming from a two-day period, the lower install base for the 360, and so on -- but Microsoft's going to have to make a concerted effort if it wants to get the peripheral off the ground in Japan.

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