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Gamer pays a buttload of cash to play an MMO on a huge screen

If you had $15,000.00, what would you do with it? Pay some bills? Maybe upgrade a few holiday gifts? Well, if you're the guy featured in this video from MMOsite, apparently the thing to do with all that spare cash is renting out the biggest honking video screen one can find and playing an MMO. Yes, indeed, for the low, low price of roughly 1,500 dollars a minute, you too can subject random passers-by to a raw display of your mad online skillz and leetness for a whopping 10 minutes.

All joking aside, this guy has managed to pull off one crazy stunt -- being the first MMO gamer to get his game on across a gobsmackingly enormous freaking screen. (The second-longest LCD screen in the world, even.) As for the game of choice? If you guessed World of Warcraft, you'd be wrong. Apparently his online poison of choice is a game called Magic World Online 2. (Although after looking at the site, perhaps it's not that far off.) What's next? Well, we'll wait for the inevitable e-peenery of someone renting out the entirety of Fremont street's 1,500-foot long Las Vegas LCD skyscreen. For those who would like to see this particular display, the video is embedded behind the break.

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