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Infinity Blade hits App Store December 9 for $5.99


Chair and Epic Games' extremely impressive Infinity Blade title has gotten a final release date and price: you'll be able to hack and slash your way around the medieval RPG on December 9 for a purchase price of $5.99. The app will be universal and will run on iPhone 3GS and above, up to and including the iPad and the latest iPhone and iPod touch. Players will be able to level up and gear up their characters as they fight through the world towards the game's big boss, a character called "the God-King."

According to Chair's release, multiplayer won't be enabled right away, but free updates will be coming to the app soon after release, one of which will allow players to "battle online via Game Center." Sounds exciting. Epic Citadel, the Unreal Engine 3 demo, is of course, available for free on the App Store right now, but Infinity Blade will be a full-featured RPG game using the same technology. We can't wait!

[via Joystiq]

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