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iPad officially debuts in Nordic countries tomorrow


The iPad continues its march towards world domination. A number of TUAW readers and the Swedish Apple site are reporting that the iPad will finally make it to authorized Apple resellers in Sweden tomorrow.

It also appears that iPads will be warming hearts throughout the Nordic countries of Norway, Finland and Denmark tomorrow as well. Confirmation of the launch has been forthcoming from official Apple sources as well as from resellers, many of whom are reported to be planning special early store openings tomorrow to feed the frenzy.

The largest Apple retailer in Finland, Humac, ran teaser ads this morning saying that "morning coffee is one reason to come visit Humaciin on Tuesday," with a tell-tale iPad-shaped coffee stain on the ad.

No pricing information has been forthcoming from any of the retailers at this time.

[via MacRumors]

Update -- Thanks to TUAW reader Henrik, who reported the following prices for Norwegian iPad purchasers

16GB Wi-Fi - NOK3999 - USD644
32GB Wi-Fi - NOK4999 - USD805
64GB Wi-Fi - NOK5999 - USD967
16GB Wi-Fi + 3G - NOK4899 - USD789
32GB Wi-Fi + 3G - NOK5899 - USD951
64GB Wi-Fi + 3G - NOK6899 - USD1112

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